All Your Misunderstandings Will Be Washed Away

Neil Vermillion —  September 28, 2016 —  Comments

There is so much abundance within you, so much abundance available to you. So come to me with open arms, with expectancy in your heart as you inquire of me, as you receive from me. For I am greater than your circumstances. I am greater than your limits. I am so much greater than you presently perceive me to be. And though you only know me in part, there is so much more available to you that you have not yet observed or encountered.

Do not consider yourself small. For as you continue to come to know me by my spirit you will begin to see yourself more and more closely to the way I see you. And with this perspective you will begin to see the greater capacity within you. You will see and understand what is before you differently. You will respond differently, and you will continue to grow and progress differently. And all these differences and changes will be as a direct results from the outflow of your relationship with me. For with me, and in me, you will be transformed as you continue to grow in the knowledge and realization of who we really are together. So do not consider yourself small, for I am with you, and I am in you.

Do not consider your circumstances limited. You see your environment in one particular way. You see it from one angle only, but allow me to grant you my perspective and you will see your environment full of possibilities and options. You will see all that has been afforded you, and begin to see opportunity and potential where in the past you saw nothing. For I am greater than your circumstances. I am able to transcend your present setting and able to affect change, both within you, as well as your environment too. So when you consider yourself today, and you see where you reside, do not consider you have been limited by your circumstances. For I am greater and will move past them all. I will bring you out of your wilderness, out of your darkness, and into my marvelous light.

Do not consider your potential to be hindered. You see your timeline, the days spent on this Earth, as if you have seen it all. But let me assure you, you have only just begun. You have only seen the very beginning of the beginning. So do not be presumptuous in your assessment and status in life for I see your potential very differently than you. So allow me to grant you my understanding and my perspective to your present situations. And allow my spirit to guide you, encourage you, and empower you to move with zeal and conviction in the direction of my plans for you. For as I do, I will continue to draw out your potential, even that hidden potential you, yourself, have not yet perceived.

For I will show you my ideas, and my plans for you. And I will also show you my plans to develop what I’ve placed within you too. And you will come to know me differently than you thought, no longer relating to me from the ideas you have conceived, but from real experience and encounter as a natural outcome of face to face relationship. You will come to know me, not just my ways. You will come to know me, not just my plans and desires. You will come to knowme as I truly am, and all your misunderstandings will be washed away.

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