The Momentum Already Birthed Within You

Neil Vermillion —  June 23, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have inspired you since you were young. I have spoken to you in new ways, and have spoken to you in old ways, ways that seem to be so familiar and common to you. I have given you hope and dreams, and vision, and desire, and now I am touching those points again. Even though it may be uncomfortable, do not repress the desires emerging from within you. For I am wakening these desires in order to supply you with the motivation and inspiration to move into new directions.

For what I have for you today will look similar to, but different than, what I had for you yesterday. Today is an expression, a logical outcome, of where you were yesterday. But it is also a new day with new goals, new tasks, new concepts, and new relationships. So allow me to adjust your thinking as I challenge you to revisit things of yesterday from a fresh perspective of today. Allow me to resurrect old notions, old ideas, old habits, old dreams you have previously abandoned. For I am strengthening Original Intent within you, the resurrection and preservation of the ideas and call upon your life.

So do not concern yourself with the plans laid before you today you have constructed on your own behalf, for what I have for you will be very different. And though it will be different, it will be very good. It will be helpful to advance you according in the direction I have called you to travel, both in the short term for today, as well as the long term for tomorrow.

Do not try to make sense of the entire picture all at once, for you do not yet have sufficient vision or perspective. There are still many pieces that have not been revealed to you, in order for you to be able to assemble it together entirely. Instead trust in me. I will guide you through these things, the things you do not understand, the things you have not previously encountered, and the things you have experienced failure in the past. I will lead you through these things, and past them. I will walk you through the path of victory, even if the victory is small, and gradual, and looks entirely different than you thought it would look.

Trust in my voice, and trust in my timing. Do not look to what you can possess, or what you can explain, for these things are good, but they are limited. Do not look to what is reasonable, or what has become traditional, for I will lead you beyond these patterns at times, in order to innovate and perpetuate the momentum already birthed within you.

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