More Freedom Through Your Growth

Neil Vermillion —  January 30, 2019 —  Comments

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As you continue to spend time with me, know me, and follow me you will also continue to grow in more and more freedom. Know this freedom is my plan for you, but also know much of it is going to come about by process. There are many things within you that will need to be dealt with. There are many things that will need to be confronted and corrected in order for you to walk, live, and abide in truth more fully. (1)

Understand it is my plans for you to walk in more freedom, but also know it will require a great deal of growth. This growth will not always be comfortable for you. At times this growth will feel like death. But unless you are willing to let go of the things of the past, and the things you have experienced previously, you will not be able to continue to progress. In many of your present events and circumstances you will be required to die to your previous way of thinking and previous mode of behavior. (2)

It is the change within your heart that matters to me. It is the process of refinement that will allow you to reach your fullest potential, and to reach your fullest joy. This process of refinement will surely challenge you and frustrate you and at times push you to your limits. So do not feel you have missed the mark or that you are some how off course because you are experiencing challenges or obstacles. Know I am working to refine and help you. I am working to bring you to fullness in every area of your life. (3)

In this process of bringing you to new levels of freedom, trust I am with you, and trust I am helping you along the way. Even though you will go through fiery trials and hardships, they are not for nothing, they are not wasted, but are bringing about a greater glory and a greater revelation within you so you can be free from all the things holding you back. (4)

As you continue to grow and posses more and more freedom, in your heart and mind especially, I will continue to give you more and more influence as well. Your voice will be heard in circles it was not in the past. Your circle of influence will continue to expand as your freedom continues to expand, but know this is my doing. Know I am bringing you to places of not only greater fulfillment, but also places of greater responsibility. (5)

This greater responsibility will require the very most out of you. It will require the very best out of you. It will pull you and it will press you to your limits. But know this is the very center of my will for you. This is the very purpose within you I am awakening, maturing, revealing and refining. So as your freedom continues to expand, so will your influence continue to expand in many ways.

In many people, the very thing that must die is their immaturity, and insistence to ideals they prefer, rather than ideals I have established. The desire to remain irresponsible is holding many of you back from walking in the freedom your heart desires. The desire to behave in the world according to your own interpretation, rather than submitting to my laws and ways, is also holding many back from attaining the freedom their heart so desperately desires.

As you see challenges requiring more from you, especially those requiring more responsibility, know this my way of liberating you from your immaturity and stubbornness. This is my school in which I will reveal your excellence to you, and reveal the gifts I have placed deep within you, as I help you overcome your errors, pride, and reluctance. Even though it will hurt and there will be pain involved, trust and know this pain is only temporary. This pain will not last, but my plans and purposes will. My plans and purposes for you will endure and will continue.

As you grow and as you learn, do not worry about your mistakes, for mistakes are a necessary part of the process, and are part of what is needed to be learned. Keep your eyes fixed on me, and continue to say yes to my leadership and my guidance. As you do, surely you will possess the freedom you desire. Surely you will taste great satisfaction and the reward of your faithfulness in all things. (6)

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