More Than You Could Ask Or Imagine

Neil Vermillion —  February 8, 2018 — Leave a comment

What I have set before you this day is more than adequate, more than sufficient for you. I have given you images and visions, and they are good and righteous. Even though there are gaps in what you see, even though what you see is incomplete, know it is good and right, and is more than adequate, more than sufficient. Even though you see through a glass darkly, and know in part and prophesy in part, know what you have been given is good, and will suffice for this day, and serve its purpose. (1)

Also know more will be added to you. As you grow and advance more will be revealed. As you mature and learn, your understanding will also increase. As you grow stronger, more efficient, disciplined, and excellent in all your ways, you will see what you could not see before. You will observe what you did not notice before. And not only will all of these things come true for you as a natural result of the process you have undertaken, but also I will continue to give more to you too. In your knowledge you will be able to understand and interpret better what has already been given you, but I will also continue to give you more. For the one who has been faithful with the little, will be given more. (2)

Rest in the assurance that what I have for you in this hour is more than sufficient for what you need today. Know what I have given you has set you in motion in the right direction, but also know more will be given as you continue walk the walk of faith, advancing forward in accordance with the call upon your life.

You have heard my voice and have said yes to me. You felt the move of my spirit and did not harden your heart. You have responded with eager anticipation, joy in your heart, and humble obedience to the move of my spirit within your life, and as a result you will continue to be given more – more than what you thought, more than what you could ever ask or imagine. (3)

(1) 1 Corinthians 13:9-12 (2) Matthew 25:23, Luke 6:38 (3) Ephesians 3:20

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