More Than Your Words Could Describe

Neil Vermillion —  January 16, 2017 —  Comments

And when you see the blankness of the void before you look to me. When you have no idea what to say, look to me. When you feel empty, inept, ignorant, and unaware, look to me. Look to me when you need me and you will find I am already there. Call to me and you will hear my voice. Reach for me and you will feel my presence. Look to me and you will see me, and will begin to observe the closeness I am already. You will begin to realize just how close I am already, and just how much I truly love you.

For my overwhelming desire is to demonstrate my love for you again, and again. My desire is to assist you, in growing and learning what this great love is, and what it really means for your life. For I know you hold ideas in your head, and you subscribe to preconceived notions. I know your experience is limited, and there is still so much for you to learn and discover. I know there are limits to what you possess, what you can absorb, what you can comprehend, and what you can remember.

But in me, there are no limits. I have no beginning and I have no ending. I have no definition, no explanation, no way to be managed or measured. So even though I speak to you like I do, there is still more to be consumed than what you have been given. For your experience in me is more than mere intellectual comprehension. Your experience in me is bigger than your physical limits can measure. Your experience in me is far greater than your simple constructs and icons can describe or represent, though they are an adequate foundation to begin
to build upon.

So do not continue to search for what is already there. Do not continue to seek what you already possess, and what already possesses you. Do not continue to work so hard to acquire what has already been given you, but listen, observe, and receive the beginning. For in the beginning you will grow, and you will continue. And in our beginning together you will find the beginning to the answers you have already sought. You will find the solutions to the problems that pester you. You will discover the end to the torment and suffering, and all that which I have never intended for you.

So walk with me, My Child. Walk with me, not in your body only, but in your understanding, knowing we are together in all things, knowing I love you in all things, knowing I am eternal and always will be, and always have been. Walk with me, and let go of yourself. Let go of your hindrances and fears. Let go of your security and stability. Let go of the obvious and the rational, and exchange them for the mystery and discovery set before you.

For I will inspire you to move past what you think you already know, and compel you to discover what is yet to be known. I will drag you in the direction you desire, in spite of your resistance at times, and unwrap the delights and glorious wonder before your eyes for all of eternity. So walk with me, My Child, and be still. Walk, and know, and let go, and forget what you have already learned and have come to know. For what I have for you is so much better, so much greater, so much more… more than your words could adequately describe.

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