Move Forward Expediently

Neil Vermillion —  June 7, 2016 —  Comments

I know you are working things out as best you can. You are doing your part to remain faithful and to be found diligent and resourceful. And for this, I commend you. I approve of you and I approve of your motives. For I see what you are doing, but I also see why you are doing it. I know your plans. I see your thoughts. I know the things that keep you up at night. I see and know what excites you, what irritates you, what grieves you, and what excites you.

Know I have seen all these things, and even more. For truly I know you better than you even know yourself. And even still, though I know all these things about you, I love you endlessly. I love you generously, without keeping score of rights or wrongs, without thought of being repaid, without concern if you will love me in return. I love you unconditionally.

So continue to exercise your gifts, for this is the very purpose for which they were given you. Continue to develop the gifts and talents placed within you. Continue to perfect and refine them, taking them to their highest level of excellence possible. Continue to move in the direction you have initiated, for you are doing so in cooperation with me. So with this in mind, move forward with great boldness. Move in the direction of the desires I have placed within your heart.

Understand there is no mistake you could make that would undermine my ultimate plans for you. There is no failure too large for me to redeem. There is no problem too complicated to be corrected. There is nothing in this world, no deed, no idea, no concept, so terrible it would overwhelm me, or repel me.

You have heard my voice and have responded to my call. So continue to follow in the direction of my leadership, knowing, understanding, and trusting I am with you and I am guiding you. But also remember there is no reason for apprehension. There is no cause for alarm. For in every situation I will save and preserve my plans for you, even in the times when you rebel against me.

For while you were still sinners my son died for you to restore and redeem our relationship and redeem humanity. And now it has been finished, though its fullness is still a mystery. So be confident in me and be confident in the work I have done. Be confident not in your ability to follow, but in my ability to lead, redeem, protect, and restore. Move forward expediently, with boldness and confidence, knowing nothing will stop you, nothing will derail you – not even yourself.

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