Movement In The Right Direction

Neil Vermillion —  July 19, 2016 —  Comments

Though you see many obstacles in your path, even today, do not place your attention upon them. Though the challenges in your life are very real, do not invest your emotions into them. Though you see difficulty and resistance set before you, do not allow your heart to be consumed by them. For though you will have troubles in this world, preserve your heart and mind, and take care for I have already overcome them all.

For I have opened the doors of opportunity, so you will no longer lack. I have lit the fire of knowledge, revelation, and illumination so you can understand. I have given power and life, so you can seize the opportunities set before you this day. I have breathed upon your heart and circumstances, so you will not become weary in your well-doing. But in all these things, day after day, I am speaking to you, guiding you, and enabling you to advance one step at a time.

Though your progress is slower than you would like, do not feel discouraged. For you are moving in the right direction, in the right time, and doing so in the right manner. So do not consider your present pace, as though you are somehow disqualified because you have not fully manifested all the goals, dreams, and plans planted within you. But look to my leadership, guidance, and timing, and I will continue to unfold the beauty, wonder, and timing of them all.

Though your progress is slower than you would like, I will redeem all that is broken, lost, and stolen. I will renew your heart, and you latter days will surpass the greatness and glory of the former. With this in mind, continue to persevere. Continue to remain faithful. Continue to advance on the path you have set your foot upon, and do so with consistency, perspective, and diligence. For I will continue to give you strength, and I will continue to give you hope and vision. I will give you understanding, and supply you with all you lack. And in this way I will allow you to understand the process and its effects, as you continue to walk with me hand in hand, day after day, moving in the right direction according to my purposes and plans for you.

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