Moving And Stirring On Hearts

Neil Vermillion —  May 31, 2019 —  Comments

In these days I am stirring hearts like never before. Many are hearing my call, and many of you are responding to my spirit, knowing I am calling you. Today is a time to make yourself ready with great determination, with great zeal, with great passion, and with increased focus, for the hearts of men are desperately wicked, and the day in which you live is also desperately wicked. As the seasons continue to advance and mature, the wickedness in the hour will also continue to advance, so do not take these things lightly, but be strong and vigilant regarding the call of my spirit upon your life. (1)

Do not let your attention become fixed on what surrounds you, for surely the tares will grow alongside the wheat. Instead, keep your eyes on my son, what he is saying, and what he is doing. Keep your perspective not by observing your surrounding environment, or the trends of the day, but by focusing on the direction I am taking you. Even though the enemy may initiate plans of destruction and harm, my son is moving on this Earth in great ways, preparing people, hearts, and nations for the battles and movements soon coming. (2)

So as your heart hears this calling, do not harden your heart. Say yes to this call. Say yes to our spirit, for I am uniting you together in preparation for what is still yet to come. My communities will come together in power and will launch many fatal assaults upon the kingdoms of this Earth. Many of these assaults against wicked systems will begin to take effect, shaking, destroying, weakening, and ultimately removing, the idols within my church. Know and understand what is happening in this day, for I am going to mess up the plans you have laid for yourself. I am going to interrupt the routines of your day to day living, and break in to every area, sphere, and arena within your heart. (3)

Many have laid out plans for your lives that do not include me, my will, nor my plans for you, but do not worry, for none of those little plans worry me even slightly. There is no scheme that could stand against me. No plan that could thwart me. No power that could overtake me. So know, all the weeds and tares that have been planted will surely be removed, will be thrown out, and will be burned in the fire. All that remains will be good, righteous, and pure. (4)

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