Moving You Beyond What You Can Grasp In This Moment

Neil Vermillion —  June 22, 2017 — Leave a comment

You will find as you continue to listen to my voice, I will continue to draw you into realms of the unknown more and more deeply. For you see a thing from a distance, but you also know it, only from a distance. As you approach it more closely you will begin to see details and surrounding context you did not see before, and in doing so encounter many new things – things you are not familiar with. So allow me to guide you into these realms, for surely you will encounter many new things. Rely on me as I guide you for I will awaken perspective so you will be able to receive and understand all I have for you and all I am saying to you.

There are many parts to what is happening simultaneously. Even though you understand some parts, you do not understand them all fully. So continue to remain open to my guidance, leadership, and inspiration, for I will guide you, but I will also instruct you too. In some cases I will guide you to circumstances, tasks, duties, and encounters. In other cases I will bring you to direct revelation. In some cases I will bring you through a relationship and you will collect what you need to learn. And still in other cases you will encounter experiences and have no idea why.

But trust in me in all these things, for I am moving you beyond your own capacity to fully understand. I am moving you in realms beyond your present scope of knowledge, experience, and understanding. So do not look to your own understanding, for I am moving you past this limit. I am drawing you deeper and deeper into realms still unknown to you, though they are already known to me. I am drawing you out further away from the security blankets of your youth, and closer to the realization of your dependency on me in all things.

Trust in me, and know I will bring you to the path of your fullest potential, so you will realize and manifest the greatness and full expression of all I have placed within you. I am moving you into new circles in order to grow you, in order to prevent you from becoming stale and stagnate, in order to prune you so you will be lean, and fruitful, having no dead weight to carry with you.

There is a distinct voice within you I have given you. And I am working to see that voice and message receive its fullest expression. So trust in me, as I move you in new circles, and move you beyond what you really understand. For I am moving you and will continue to do so, even beyond what you can grasp in this moment.

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