Moving In The Direction Already Set Before You

Neil Vermillion —  February 24, 2016 —  Comments

daily prophetic word caption
Run forward. Run with courage. Run with boldness. Run knowing I am with you these days in all you have purposed within your heart and mind to accomplish. I am with you in all these things, for I am the one who planted these things within you. So do not hold back. Do not hesitate. Do not wait to begin. Do not wait to initiate what is before you, even this very day.

For I know the plans I have for you, and I know where you are headed. I know where you’ve come from, and I understand the pace in which you are progressing. So move forward and take action. Do not be fearful. Do not be hesitant. Take action.

Do not be overwhelmed with all the potential laid before your eyes. There is much before you, but you will do well. I will guide you and assist you along the way and you will accomplish more than you thought you ever would. And though you dream, and see, and desire, and plan, I know all these things very well. And still, I am with you and guiding you. I will help you navigate your obstacles. I will assist you in the direction you need at the moment. I will bring you about the right course. It will all make sense to you as move forward, gaining and building momentum in the things I’ve called you to do.

Know this is a day to launch forward. This is a day to quiet the questions in your mind, to quiet the questions in your heart, and to move forward taking action in the direction I’ve led you to already.

For though you do not see everything, and do not see all the little parts, trust I am with you, and trust I have shown you enough to get started. Do not be overwhelmed with little details you cannot understand. Do not allow circumstances to hinder you. Do not allow analysis of your present circumstances to hold you back from pursuing and developing what I’ve laid at your feet. Move in faith, believing. Move in love. Move in boldness. Move in courage, knowing you were meant for this moment, and for this very thing.

I have spawned this vision within you. It is not your own desires, your own imagination, or your own scheming that has birthed this vision and desire within you. No! All these things are from me, and I will see them come to their fullness, and so will you!

So do not hold back. Do not overthink things. Do not complicate matters unnecessarily. Simply move forward, taking action, moving in the direction already set before you.

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