Moving You To Deeper Waters

Neil Vermillion —  November 23, 2018 —  Comments

As things in this world continue to progress, surely I will also continue to release greater understanding and greater insight into spiritual matters. Those who are thirsty will be given more to drink, and to those who are hungry, surely will be fed. Now is a time to foster your thirst and foster your hunger as you allow yourself to be open my spirit, and to trust the mystery of my ways. (1)

The new revelations will require more trust. It will require you to know me more deeply than you did when you were a child. You will have to let go of childish thinking and let go of childish behaviors. The new revelations I have for you will look different than you thought it would look when you were a child. (2)

Know I am doing this thing in and among you. Know I am moving you out to deeper realms and to deeper waters, but doing so through the vehicle of my love in our relationship together. Now is a time to continue to advance forward by faith, as you remove distractions and drivel from your schedule and enjoy yourself in the knowledge of knowing me like never before. (3)

Things will move more quickly than in days past. More vision is coming to those who are willing to lay down their lives for my sake. More understanding and clarity is coming for those who are willing to seek me, and enjoy the company of our fellowship together. I will give precise focus, and enhanced discernment to those who ask, knock, and seek so you will see and understand more quickly. To those who have shown themselves faithful in the little things, more will be given. (4)

I am looking for faithfulness. I am looking for consistency. I am looking for the single-minded, that will not sway to the right or to the left as things in this world continue to unfold. I will guide you, and I will help you, as we continue to move together in my plans for you, moving you into deeper and deeper waters of revelation. (5)

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