I Am So Much Greater Than You Thought I Was

Neil Vermillion —  December 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

In the expanse of this day, do not fear the new things you will encounter. In the past new things meant one thing, but today new things will mean something different. So do not be alarmed. Do not be afraid. Do not be apprehensive as you encounter these new things, for new things of today will be blessings for you. The new things you experience and discover will not harm you, but will bless you. The new things in store for you will be a reward for you, not a penalty. (1)

Remain faithful but also remain alert and watchful. In doing so, do not scrutinize what I am saying to the point you miss the very blessing I am giving to you. Do not hyper-analyze what I am saying to the point you miss the result and outcome of all the struggle and preparation you have already endured. Be mindful, but allow me to guide you and confirm these things as I bring them to you. (2)

In doing so you will open the throttle for your advancement and blessings. You will open the door to provision and experience. You will open the window to so many wonderful blessings and encounters too numerous to mention. You will enjoy the process as you let go of the foolishness of control, and realize all these things have been taken care of already. In doing so not only will you encounter a lighter, easier burden and way of living, but you will also encounter and receive many more blessings as you unhinge the tethers and restraints currently encumbering you. (3)

Embrace what is set before you this day, though it is new and unfamiliar. Embrace what I am saying. Walk through the doors I have opened before you. Engage with me in the experiences of new discoveries. As you do, enjoy yourself and let go of all your fears and worries, for you will find I am better than you thought I was. I am more loving, more forgiving than you thought. I am kinder, and gentler than you thought. I am more generous, more merciful, more patient than you thought. You will experience me in every capacity, and in every capacity you will find I am so much greater than you ever thought I was. (4)

(1) Isaiah 43:18-19 (2) 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, Proverbs 3:5-6, 1 Corinthians 2:14 (3) Revelation 3:8, Matthew 6:34 (4) Jeremiah 10:6, 1 Chronicles 17:20

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