Much Mystery Still Set Before You

Neil Vermillion —  May 16, 2019 —  Comments

Even though you would desire to have all the plans laid before you, it is my desire to keep you close to me. You would desire to know the plans without understanding the motivation and objectives behind the outcome. But I see all these things, and more, and have considered them carefully, taking all facets into accounts. While I will reveal much to those willing to seek me and find me, there is still much that will be hidden. There are still many mysteries yet to be revealed, even though what you have received is good, true, and accurate. (1)

Your heart is loving, and you desire to do the right things, but you are also weak, and short-sighted. In your weakness and short-sightedness you would want to change things, thus altering the direction as well as the outcome. You would unknowingly contaminate the plans if they were all laid out before you. You would examine them and make changes according to your own desires, goals, and all that would seem reasonable to you. (2)

So know there is mystery set before you, and you will not always understand all things. This walk of faith will require obedience. It will require faith to follow, in order to remain faithful, because all the things hidden since before time will not all be immediately revealed all at once. Many of these things will remain hidden for quite some time, though some will be shown to you.

Do not allow your mind to limit your belief. Do not allow your mind to hinder your obedience as I continue to make you ready. Do not allow your mind to block the times and seasons I will put you in, in order to help awaken you, as I prepare you for the days ahead, for you are still in a preparatory season. (3)

You are still getting ready for the days of great adventure. The days of acquiring wisdom and relevant experience are still before you, but these days will not last forever. So know, I am preparing you for days you have not seen yet. I am preparing you for circumstances you have not comprehended yet. Surely your old mindsets will not be able to contain the new things I will be releasing and revealing to you in days to come.

The new wine cannot be contained in the old wineskin. You must embrace the new wineskin this day in order to contain the new wine for tomorrow, which I will pour out and make available to you all, even though you may not fully understand it. (4)

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