How Much I Truly Enjoy You

Neil Vermillion —  August 22, 2017 —  Comments

I have shown you my method and my form. I have gifted you with the capacity to hear my voice and receive from me (1). I have expressed myself to you and you did not turn me away. Continue to walk with me in this manner. Continue to create the life I’ve laid before your eyes, for in your pursuit you will find all kinds of wondrous treasure. And though the destination itself will also be enjoyable, rewarding, and fulfilling, realize your reward will not come only from the arrival, but also from the journey and the process too (2).

So engage with me daily, just as you always have. Listen to the whispers of my voice and revel in the gentle details so small and insignificant they seem to hold no real value. As you engage with me in this manner from one moment to the next you, will find the tapestry of the art of my heart in full display in front of you moment by moment. You will see the wonder and beauty of today, without striving or contending for tomorrow (3), nor regretting or reminiscing for yesterday (4).

You will find satisfaction in your accomplishments (5), but moreover you will find lasting and complete satisfaction in your relationship with me (6). And in this knowledge you will know I am with you in all things, but you will also you are with me in all things too. We will share together from one moment to the next, and will do so in private and intimate detail where we will share together only the things that carry meaningful significance.

You will find I am more attentive than you previously thought. You will find I am more patient, more understanding, more tolerant and forgiving than you previously thought. But you will also come to discover just how much I truly enjoy you right now, this very moment – not “someday”, not “tomorrow”, but this very moment, right now. You will discover my generous heart towards you, as you come to realize the veil has already been torn (7), and there is no hindrance between us whatsoever (8).

For in this realization you will embrace me without illusion. You will be confident in my great love for you, and will not consider yourself unworthy to receive from me without limit. You will know nothing has separated us in any way, will know you are no longer condemned (9), but have been forgiven (10), redeemed (11), and sanctified (12) already.

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