My Active And Loving Support

Neil Vermillion —  May 4, 2018 —  Comments

While I will speak to you about the wonders of the universe and eternal truth too beautiful to behold, also know I am accessible to speak to you, and to share with you, about everyday occurrences too. Nothing is too small for me. Nothing escapes my sight. In all this world, the things that matter to you, matter to me as well. So do not be reluctant, nor fearful, nor apprehensive in bringing your petitions and requests to me, no matter how mighty or small they may be. (1)

My hand is strong, so rest in the assurance I am more than able to meet your needs. My heart is also tender, so rest in the assurance how much I care for you, and how much all these issues of your life also mean to me. You are wonderful to me. You were fearfully and wonderfully made, and done so with precise and glorious design, with lasting purpose, and valuable skills and talents. You have been given so much, not because you have earned it, but because of the sentiments of my heart for you. (2)

My love for you is beyond amazing, and beyond your capacity to fathom. My love for you knows no bounds, has no limits, has no finite point of definition. My love for you is not narrow, but is all-encompassing, surrounding you on every side past, present, and future. My love for you is so much greater than you have fully understood, expressed, or experienced, so continue to walk with me in the full confidence of who I am, but also of my great and overwhelming love for you. (3)

Trust in me for the big and important things in your life, but also trust in me to meet you within the intersection of the littlest of details too. Engage with me fully, holding nothing back, for as you share with me, you will experience my unconditional acceptance. You will drink of the wine of my joy and will not reside in sorrow. Share with me completely and deeply, and you will see I will not turn you away. You will see I am there with you already, already available, already aware in active and loving support. (4)

(1) Matthew 10:29-31, Philippians 4:6
(2) Philippians 4:19, Psalm 139:14
(3) Romans 8:31-39
(4) John 6:37

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