My Active Involvement In Your Present Circumstances

Neil Vermillion —  February 11, 2016 —  Comments

daily prophetic word caption
Let me encourage you this is a day and season of advancement for many. This is a time of promotion and launching for many. These are days where those who have been inactive are now being activated. But this is also a day where those who are already active, those already in motion, are being widened as well. I am adding depth to their experience. I am supplying insights, wisdom, and perspective. While you may be moving forward, understand I am working many things, in many people in this season, and not everyone is moving forward or advancing.

With this understanding allow yourself the liberty to embrace my timing. Cast off your previously conceived, linear mindsets regarding timing. Though you desire to mature instantly, the process of maturity will still need to run its course. Though you desire to possess the full manifestation of your destiny, understand it is going to take some time to happen. It is a deliberate and distinct process that requires time. Though you desire maturity and completion quickly, it will not happen quickly – not according to your standards or expectations.

So do not strive. Do not compare yourself to others. Do not measure yourself against milestones and benchmarks you have created. For though you mean well you do not always have sufficient perspective to be able to accurately measure your status, your rate of progress, or even your direction. Though you mean well, you are not able to make accurate comparisons, so in doing so, you are not be helping yourself, nor helping others. Instead of comparison, embrace my timing and trust my leadership. Understand many things are working together for your ultimate good – so many things you cannot comprehend or perceive them all.

There is tremendous detail involved with every single one of you. My eye is near to you, near to your circumstances and events, and near to the issues of your heart. I see everything, and know everything, and do so in greater detail than you can imagine, or fully comprehend. And because I am near I am also involved.

I am involved in big ways. I am involved in small ways. I am actively involved in overt ways, and I am actively involved in subtle ways. I am involved in ways you understand, but mostly I am involved in your life, in your circumstances, thoughts, and emotions, in ways you cannot understand. In fact, many times you cannot even detect my movement or involvement. You cannot perceive it, let alone understand it. So how can you measure yourself? How can you assess your progress? How could you compare yourself to another?

From my understanding and perspective I will enlighten you. I will guide you. I will show you what you need to know. I will point you in the right direction. I will illuminate your mind, and your thoughts. I will speak to your heart, and I will move in your circumstances. I will guide you to the paths I have for you. As you travel these paths you will learn all you need to learn. You will experience all you need to experience. You will become rich in every way, absorbing all that is placed before you, and that which will later be required of you.

For my timing is great. My strategy is excellent. My plans are glorious. I will continue to watch over you, giving you the wisdom, perspective, and depth you need.

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