My Capacity To Strengthen And Empower You

Neil Vermillion —  August 8, 2018 — Leave a comment

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AS I continue to speak to you, I will give you the revelation and understanding you need, but I will also supply you with the strength you will need as well. For sometimes you know the good thing you ought to do, but lack the perspective or the strength or motivation to do it. So in these times, rely on me for I will certainly also meet you there. I will give you not only the revelation and understanding, but will also supply you with the needed strength to take the appropriate action, so you will be able to do the good you know you ought to do. (1)

Walk in this assurance, knowing you will not be tested above what you are able to bear. Walk in this confidence, knowing I am with you, not only in guidance, but in strength and power too. Abide in the assurance knowing all these things, but also knowing you are not moving independently from me, but rather you are moving in me and with me. You will see it come to pass all I have in store for you will materialize and manifest as you continue to walk the walk of faith, and do so consistently as you do so to the very best of your ability. (2)

For the walk of faith will often require you to move far beyond what you are comfortable with, not just in terms of understanding, or certainty of outcome, but also in your physical capacity and strength too. So when you find yourself pressed on every side, when you feel challenged and the load seems more than you can bear in the moment, come to me and rest in me and you will find I will empower you to continue and to persevere. (3)

Rely on my words, and not your own experience, for at some times there will be a paradox to your experience, particularly in your own memories and how you have interpreted things in the past. There will certainly be occasions when this reality does not seem true, but as you activate your faith by your actions you will also be amazed and delighted as you see yourself begin to advance when you could not previously, and see yourself begin to overcome what you could not overcome previously. You will be amazed, and delighted as you experience my capacity to not only guide you, but to strengthen and empower you too. (4)

(1) Romans 8:37, James 4:17
(2) 1 Corinthians 10:13, Acts 17:28
(3) 2 Corinthians 5:7, 2 Corinthians 4:8-9
(4) James 2:18, Romans 8:37

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