My Continual Love, Mentorship, And Guidance

Neil Vermillion —  August 13, 2018 — Leave a comment

In this time in which it seems you are making no progress, do not give up and do not stop the fight of faith. For many of the circumstances you will encounter will surely be difficult, but you will be surprised to discover many of the battles you face are not against circumstances, but against yourself. So with this in mind, allow me to correct you. Allow me to adjust your thinking and your feelings. Allow me to shift what you value and give emphasis and credence to. Allow me to be that voice that will mentor you, as I also continue to love you. (1)

For the love I have for you will not manifest in a single form. What I have for you will manifest in many forms, and will do so in many different seasons as well. So do not suppose the difficulty you may be experiencing in this moment is because I do not love you. Do not suppose the difficulty you may be experiencing this moment will be your future and will always remain. Do not suppose there is no progress being made, simply because you cannot see it with your eyes, or feel it, or measure it in the present moment.

As you continue to persevere and continue to remain faithful, you will surely see all the goodness intended for you will come to pass. The power, strength, and capacity you have been given will grow and develop and will eventually, and gradually, begin to shine more and more brightly, and will do so more and more consistently. Do not strive, nor feel overwhelmed. Do not fret or fear. Do not become discouraged, but continue in the path set before you, without premature judgment as to your status or progress. (2)

For I know your outcome and I know your potential. I know where you are heading and I know what you need to acquire for your growth and advancement. Trust in my spirit in all these things and let my love you not only teach and instruct you, but guide you, empower you, and encourage you too. For I will never leave you, and will never forsake you. I will never forget about you, nor will I ever neglect you. Allow me to redirect your plans and your footsteps, for as you do you will surely begin to prosper and will continue to absorb all you need to absorb along throughout your journey as you continue in my love, mentorship, and guidance. (3)

(1) John 16:33, Psalm 32:8, Romans 12:2
(2) Philippians 4:6-7, Matthew 6:25
(3) Hebrews 13:5, Deuteronomy 31:6

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