My Encouragement As You Experience Hardship And Adversity

Neil Vermillion —  September 11, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to walk the path I’ve laid before you do not be surprised by the tests, trials, hardships, and adversities you encounter along the way. For surely these things are all part of the path, and surely you will encounter them all. But understand in these times of hardship and stress you are not alone. I will never leave you, never forsake you, never abandon you, never forget you, though it may feel this way from time to time. I have initiated many good things in your life, and I am going to see every last one of them come to their completion.

In your times of hardships understand you will grow. Areas of weakness, areas of deception, areas of immaturity, areas of short-sightedness will be exposed and you’ll have the opportunity to make changes, and you will grow from it. And while these lessons will not be comfortable for you, these valuable lessons will serve you if you will embrace them. These hardships will be turned around for your good, to serve you in the long term, if you continue to endure and embrace the value of these experiences.

For these things are not meant for your harm, but for your good, for your growth and development. And in these things you will learn to overcome. You will learn your limits. You will learn your skills. You will learn gratitude and appreciation. And through all of these things you will grow and be transformed, shaped, and molded more and more into the image of my son.

So in your times of need, your times of shame, your times of failure, reach out to me. For I am near you even now, and I will hear you. I will encourage you. I will sustain you. I will renew your hope, your perspective, your vision, and your joy even in the middle of great calamity, persecution, and resistance. For my joy is not based on circumstances, but by my spirit. And I will commune with you even in your darkest hour for my love for you has no bounds, and has no limits.

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