My Gifts And My Calls Are Irrevocable

Neil Vermillion —  August 1, 2018 — Leave a comment

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You will see the gifts placed within you come to the forefront more and more as you continue to remain faithful in the development of the call upon your life. For these things will not mature quickly nor instantly, but will grow and improve gradually but consistently as you walk the path set before you. As you develop your talents, refining your understanding and your skills, you will see how all these things have been given in order to bless you, but also how they will bless and benefit others as well.

In this way your context will expand so you will be able to more readily see the greater purpose of all I have planted and placed within you. For it is not merely for yourself I have given you talents. It is not merely for you to prosper, so that you possess the power, capacity, and know-how to be able to do well. It is not only for yourself I have put greatness deep within you, but also for the benefit of others.

So understand this as you walk the walk of faith, for there will be days in which you feel like giving up. There will be days in which you feel you cannot continue, but as you consider not only yourself, and not only me, but also the people who will benefit from your gifts and contribution you will be able to see a larger perspective for all that matters and is relevant and valuable.

So trust in the skills I have given you. Trust I have given them to you for good reason, and for righteous purpose. Trust you will know and understand how to utilize them, but also trust I will work with you to grow and develop them too. As you hold this notion in the front of your mind, particularly when you are confused or feel like giving up, you will abide in my confidence, for you will not have to wonder if you will miss your mark. You will not have to worry if you will miss the target because you will know I am guiding you every step of the way, not only in terms of overall direction, but also in terms of quality of development too.

So rest in me and trust in me as I continue to walk with you and grow you and develop you. Rest in the assurance of my great love for you, my plans for you, and the gifts and calls placed upon and within you. For these things will never leave you, will never be taken from you, for my gifts, my calls, and my fellowship are permanent and irrevocable.

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