My Goodness Will Satisfy You Completely

Neil Vermillion —  May 21, 2018 —  Comments

I will be your peace in the midst of your storm. In your life, in your heart, in your mind, as you encounter difficulty know I will not only be with you, but will also be your solution to your problems, and your antidote to your poison. I will bring you to the right answers, and I will also bring the right answers to you. I will be with you not passively, but actively. I am with you, guiding you, speaking to you, assisting you, encouraging you, and empowering you, even when you do not feel or perceive me. (1)

In me, and with me, there is nothing you won’t be able to do or accomplish, particularly over the course of time as you continue to remain not only focused, but also patient and consistent. In our advancement the victory will be won in the inches not the miles. The success will be realized and manifested in small expressions, giving way to greater and greater displays as they accumulate, mature, and multiply. (2)

As I speak to you I will also guide you. I will engage with you in meaningful dialogue, not merely addressing your thoughts and emotions, but also your activities in all you are doing, working on, and stewarding. I will declare to your heart and reveal to your mind the goodness I have already set into motion, but I will also show you in full display by demonstration so your eyes can see, your mind will understand, and your heart will know. In this experience you will come to know me not just as a God of ideas and talk, but also of action, power, and change. (3)

While you may agree with this in concept, you will find there is often quite a discrepancy in its practice. So be kind with yourself, but determined, as you encounter your own weakness, frustration, and fear for these things are common to all. Though common, we will overcome them and not allow their influence to continue to hinder you or stop you, but we will learn, and adjust not merely by the means of analysis of concept, but also by means of production and activity. (4)

With this in mind, do not limit my expression or influence in your life, relegating me to only certain permissible segments. Give me free reign without limits, without reduction, and without constraints so as I continue to move in this world, and in your life, you will not misunderstand or become overwhelmed. As you remain open to, even expectant of, the move of my spirit in every aspect of your life, you will find I am more than aware, more than active, and more than capable. You will be delighted in every measure, in every aspect, in every dimension you surrender to my influence, for my goodness, beauty, and majesty knows no bounds and will more than delight you fully, more than satisfy you completely. (5)

(1) Exodus 14:14, John 14:27
(2) Romans 8:37
(3) 1 Corinthians 4:20
(4) 1 Corinthians 10:13
(5) Psalm 37:4, Ephesians 3:20, Psalm 16:11

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