My Heart And My Life

Neil Vermillion —  June 3, 2016 —  Comments

Do not be shy, nor hesitant, to receive my love for you. Allow me to shower you with my great riches and my extravagant blessings again and again. It is my good pleasure to fill you with delight and satisfy you in every way. I will sing to you and whisper softly in your ear. I will confess my undying, unwavering love for you again and again. I will make your heart alive and will bring you joys you thought you could never experience.

Do not hesitate to awaken your love for me, for I will never turn you away. I will never reject you. I will never put you to shame. But I will love you and celebrate all that you are to me, My Beloved. So do not hesitate to awaken your love for me, for I will receive you in every way, and already have.

Come away with me and forget your worries. Come away with me and forget your hurts, fears, and failures. Come away with me and we will share together all the beauty and bliss this life has to offer, and even more.

We will share together and grow closer day by day, month after month. There will be no need for tears, no need for pain, no need for heartache for we shall never part. We shall never allow anything to come between us or divide us, for in our love together we will grow, and thrive, and abide together in perfect unity and harmony.

And together we will share all the little details that are most precious. We will share all the events and experiences imaginable. And through them all we will build our history together, our time together, as we increase and enhance the richness of our relationship to each other.

So when you are thirsty come to me and I will give you drink. When you are hungry come to me and I will give you food to eat. When you are tired I will give you rest. When you are angry I will give you peace. When you are rejected I will surround you in my loving acceptance. When you have no friends I will be closer to you than a brother. When you have lost everything I will give you my glorious riches.

When you forget, I will remind you. When you are weak, I will be your strength. When you are incapable, I will be your victory and your champion. When you are rejected, I will celebrate and acknowledge the unique and wonderful beauty you possess. When you have no hope, I will restore you. When you have no breath, I will give you my heart and my life.

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