My Heart And My Plans For You

Neil Vermillion —  February 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

I will show you solutions. As you sit with me in revelation I will reveal the problems you are encountering. I will show you the troubles, and the pitfalls. I will show you the deceptions and misunderstandings. But I will also supply you with the understanding to discern and prescribe the solution to all these things too. I will not leave you with only the diagnosis of the problem, but will also supply you with the much needed prescription and solution.

For knowing and identifying the problems is good and right, but it is incomplete. And because I care for you I will not merely reveal the source of your problems, but will also reveal the remedy to it. I will supply you with adequate understanding to be able to make the necessary adjustments, corrections, and changes so you can experience the fullness of all I have for you.

But let me encourage you, because I love you, that the remedy to your problems will often look different than you would like. The truth you need will oftentimes look very different than your logical mind would suggest. So as you receive my understanding, not only to identify your problems, but also to prescribe the solution, continue to remain open to my voice of instruction. For I will speak it plainly to you, and will reveal it clearly to you, even though it will look different than you thought it would. I will be clear, and direct, so do not doubt, and do not reject what I show you, but receive it openly, and wholly, as I bring you into the space of illumination and understanding.

And as you continue to receive what I have prescribed, you will grow in your capacity to understand my will and my heart for your life. For you will seek my solutions, but you will encounter my heart. You will seek my hand, and my answers, but you will also encounter and experience my will and the desires of my heart for you. For in these experiences together we will continue to abide together in fellowship and friendship, enjoying the fruits of our relationship together. And you will see, not only my hand, not only my information, but my heart, and my plans for you too.

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