My Involvement Within The Smallest Of Details

Neil Vermillion —  August 22, 2018 —  Comments

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No doubt there will be moments in which you will experience my heart and encounter my presence in extremely dramatic ways. You will come to see what you could not see before and will come to know what had eluded you previously, and these moments will mark your life in profound and significant ways. But also know, there will be moments in which you will be beyond amazed and beyond delighted within the minutia of the here and now. You will begin to observe what seems to be so trivial and seemingly worthless, and will see it from a new angle and perspective, thus allowing you to appreciate what you did not previously. (1)

In these moments and observations, even though they may not be profound nor dramatic, you will come to see my hand at work and the activity of my spirit within the grand design of little, seemingly irrelevant, details. You will sense the activity of my spirit not in a rushed or powerful sense, but in a constant and patient manner. Even though there will be many troubles in the world, there will certainly also be much peace afforded you as you exercise your will to observe my activity and engage with me in spite of circumstances, in spite of what is happening around about you. You will find, if you take the time to do so, I am already active, already present, already aware and already emoting my heart towards you.

In this observation you will become overwhelmed in the grand majesty of the moment, but also of who I am and how I am active in the smallest of details. In this observation and appreciation you will experience my heart from a new angle. You will begin to experience my presence with a slightly different flavor. You will interact with me in a smaller manner, but a significantly subtle way that will still carry impact and its intended effect and exchange. (2)

So when you feel overwhelmed, and when you feel you cannot continue, engage with me. When you feel you are hard pressed on every side, and when you feel totally rejected, observe the subtleties of my presence, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing. You will find my presence comforting and empowering. You will find my will is persistent and reliable. You will find I am ever-present, and ever-willing to hear you and receive you fully, no matter the cost, no matter the context. (3)

(1) 1 Corinthians 2:11, John 16:13
(2) Matthew 6:8, Luke 12:7
(3) 2 Corinthians 4:8-9, John 16:33

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