My Love For You Will Never Change

Neil Vermillion —  November 16, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to grow you will continue to encounter new trials, new obstacles, new opportunities which will further your growth. It will seem as though it never ends, and in reality it never does, but as you continue to walk the path set before you, you will come to appreciate this never-ending quality and embrace each challenge and see it for what it really is, an opportunity for you to grow.

For there is so much in store for you. There are so many wonderful things you’ve yet to experience, though you have access to it all. There are so many things you’ve yet to learn, though so much revelation is readily available to you. And in the midst of all this experience, all this growth, all this learning, there is rest. This rest is a the paradox that conflicts with your natural mindset which says you must perform, you must achieve for all these things to be accomplished.

This performance mindset can be so cruel. This mindset can be so unkind to you. For as you achieve one goal, achieve one milestone, the next is put in its place just out of reach. And so you pursue goals endlessly, not resting, not enjoying your achievement, not enjoying the process itself, not experiencing your satisfaction as you continue to pursue “just a little more”, or “just one more”. So open your heart and open your mind to what I have to offer you, which is performance-free. For my love and acceptance for you is not based on performance, is not based on how well you accomplish. My love for you is not even based on who you are, but on who I am. And because I never change, my love for you will never change.

For if my love for you were based on you, consider how unstable it would be. If my love for you were based on your accomplishments and performance, consider how unreliable it would be. If my acceptance of you were based on circumstances, consider how inadequate this foundation would be. But as you come to know me you will understand and embrace the truth that my love for you is based on none of those things. For my love for you comes from my heart and does not look to you, to measure you, to qualify you to receive my love.

For you have already been accepted. You have already been qualified. So now enter into my rest, trusting and accepting all I’ve accomplished for you and given you already.

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