My Perpetual Treasure For You

Neil Vermillion —  March 20, 2018 —  Comments

I am sharing my heart with you in these present days, even though it does not seem this way. I know at times it seems as if I am pressing you, even punishing you. But let me assure you I am revealing my heart to you in means beyond the superficial. I am expressing concepts, issues, cares, and concerns that are deeper than surface level understanding and interpretation would incorrectly suggest. As a result, these revelations tend to instigate turmoil as it creates internal conflict and confusion over what you cannot, or will not, receive. (1)

In spite of this, continue to hold on to the lessons I am sharing with you. Even though they are uncomfortable, even offensive at times, they are gold to you. They are gold if you receive them, and a perpetual treasure if you will retain them. For I am not giving you trinkets, nor rubbish. I am not sharing foolishness, nor folly. I am not wasting your time, sending you drivel that is worthless. (2)

I am giving you small changes, small insights, and small adjustments. But do not reject, dismiss, or discard what I am giving you, though it may be small. Do not underestimate what I am sharing with you in this moment, even though it appears to be trivial and unassuming. Though small in its present state, it will produce profound results as you allow these things to take their full effect over the course of time. These ideas and concepts will also spawn experiences and encounters that will give direct and specific insights into my heart and mind. You will come to know and understand me experientially, as you make yourself ready, available, and active in the practice, refinement, and involvement of the assignments I have presented to you. (3)

I have not shared these things with you, merely to occupy your time. I have not shared these things with you, to overwhelm or confuse you by means of misdirection. But I have shared these things with you in order to equip and instruct you. For in their revelation you will increase in understanding of who I am, and the cooperation of my will, thus reducing the friction, confusion, and turmoil within your daily life.

In this revelation you will find comfort, though it will not always manifest directly, or immediately. The comfort you receive will be made real indirectly and gradually over time as you continue to accept what I give you, while simultaneously rejecting the lies and misunderstandings you have acquired and adopted from years past. Even though these lies and misunderstanding are familiar and comforting, what I have for you is even better. Make yourself ready to hear and receive, but also to implement the needed changes. As you receive and implement the innovations of this day you will begin to uncover a wellspring of life, a perpetual treasure that will bless and prosper you for many years. (4)

(1) 1 Corinthians 10:13
(2) 1 Corinthians 2:10-16
(3) Luke 13:19
(4) James 4:17

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