My Plans And Desires For You

Neil Vermillion —  October 31, 2019 —  Comments

With all the voices speaking into your life, how will you know which is mine if you have not learned? How will you discern who to follow if you do not know me? How will you know what to ignore if you do not even know my ways? There is so much confusion among my people because you do not know me. There is so much division among my people because you do not know me. There is so much deception among my people because you do not know me. (1)

So I am asking you today to begin to make changes so you will come to know me. As you know me, all the things in your life will begin to make sense. All the events in your daily life will begin to make sense. All the work you do will begin to make sense for there is but one voice, one path, one leader. The understanding of this revelation will liberate you from all the noise, drivel, deception, and all the things clouding your sight, hearing, and understanding. (2)

All the noise in your life will mean nothing as you grow in your knowledge and experience of me. The questions you have will be answered. The irrelevant goals that will do nothing but waste your time will become tasteless, as your appetite for eternal and lasting goals continues to grow. As you acquire a taste for the things of me, you will not be satisfied with petty pleasures any longer, and will find the thoughts of your heart will change, just as the behaviors of your day also continue to change. (3)

While your heart cries out for these deeper things, these superior pleasures, know it will require a change from within. It will require risk. It will require abandoning the habits and thoughts of your former way of living. It will require you to move beyond your comfort zone as you embrace discomfort and uncertainty. So trust I will guide and help you. Trust I will assist you, and move on your behalf within circumstances. These things are not just your desires, but are my plans and desires for you, if you will follow and obey. (4)

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