My Plans For You Will Be Accomplished

Neil Vermillion —  February 22, 2016 —  Comments

daily prophetic word caption
There is such expanse for you. There are so many details to the plans of your life that haven’t been revealed to your awareness yet. Many have been revealed to your heart, and deposited within your spirit, but your mind has not comprehended them all yet. Even though your circumstances have not fully manifested them fully, the details of my life with you are true and real nevertheless.

So you look for hints and clues. For as you do you will discover more. You will begin to see what you missed before. You will begin to understand what you could not before. You will perceive what you did not even notice before. As you put attention to the little things I show you, your perspective will change and you will see the relevance and importance of these things previously perceived to be irrelevant and unimportant.

You reach and attempt to grasp, but do so in your own strength. You search and hunt, but do it without guidance or insight. You strive to possess it all, and to help make it all happen, but do so without concept or understanding of where you are going, or how to get there. Let me assure you these plans will all manifest and come to their full development even if you do not understand them. For my purposes and plans are not contingent upon your understanding. My plans are not contingent upon your intelligence. My purposes are not dependent upon your ability to cooperate and enable them to be accomplished.

And while this is irritating, even offensive to your own ways of thinking, allow this perspective to liberate you from all the striving and performing you so quickly embrace. Allow this truth to set you free from anxiety and fear from working so hard to accomplish my will. For even if you do not comprehend everything in your life my plans will still come about.

So do not stress, do not worry, do not fret or fear. Do not be anxious about today or your future. For all these things have been taken care of. All these things have been accounted for, even beyond your own ability to conceive yourself.

For it is my good pleasure to bring you to these heights, to feed you the delights from my table, to shower you with my tender affections so you will taste my goodness and enjoy the satisfaction I have for you. It is my good pleasure to surround you on every side with joy, happiness, and contentment even beyond what you think is possible, even beyond what you think you deserve. It is my good pleasure to show you many details and generosity of my extravagant heart towards you.

So do not be worried. Do not be fearful, but trust. Do not concern yourself as to the destination, or your rate of progress. For I will guide you, and I will moderate all these things so you will not only arrive at the very best place, but you will also do so at the very best time too. All these things, and even more, have been considered and taken in to account already. And there is no detail, no additional or outside contribution that will help improve it.

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