My Plans For You Will Prevail

Neil Vermillion —  February 1, 2019 —  Comments

In this time of suffering and hardship, know your connection with my spirit will make joy available to you. There will surely be hard times, times of stress and confusion, even times of sorrow, but in these times, know my spirit is available to comfort you. In every circumstance, my joy can sustain you as you know the fellowship of our suffering and trials together. While many would rather skip the process and simply arrive at the end destination, know the process and trial is necessary. Know the process is refining your understanding of my perfect love and character within you. (1)

Patience is valuable, even essential, to accomplish the things set before you, so run with perseverance knowing it will take a long time. Know as you run and begin to grow faint, I am with you and will restore you as you draw from me, rely on me, and depend on me for all things. You will learn to walk and abide in my peace, and you will learn to walk and abide in my joy. Both are available to you by my spirit when you need them most. I am there to comfort, guide, and sustain you in every circumstance. (2)

The cares of this world can easily shake your perspective. The cares of this world can choke the joy from working its full fruits in your life. Trust in me and trust in my timing that all these things are working out to your good, even if it does not seem like it right now. Trust and know my plans for you will prevail and they will be accomplished in due season. The cares of this world are small in comparison to the joy set before you. So despite the difficulties, pain, and distraction from the cares of this world, choose life. Choose to follow what I am putting before you by my spirit. (3)

As you do, you will see your joy made full. You will surely reap abundant joy as you become rejuvenated. As you continue to choose life, and continue to follow me in all your ways, you will reap the joy your heart cries out for, and so desperately needs. You will walk in abundance of the fruits of your labor, for surely I will repay you for your faithfulness. (4)

(1) Hebrews 1:9, Acts 13:52, 1 Peter 4:13-14
(2) Romans 5:3-5, James 1:4
(3) Mark 4:19, Romans 8:28, Hebrews 12:2
(4) Psalm 65:11, John 15:11, Psalm 126:5, Joel 2:25

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