My Plans For You

Neil Vermillion —  May 9, 2016 —  Comments

There are deeper parts to your existence that are mysterious. They are calling out to you, driving you, guiding you, motivating you more than you fully realize or comprehend. And these are the very things I have placed within you, mysteries within a mystery. As you feel compelled to move in a new direction, or compelled to do the same thing but do so in a new way, remember I have given you this desire.

There is so much potential within you. There is so much greatness within you and available to you. Do not assess yourself as weak, limited, or defeated for I have given you all things, yes, even more than you can fully comprehend or imagine. So with this in mind, do not sell yourself short. Do not allow yourself to be easily satisfied. Do not see your circumstances as closed or impossible. For though you will encounter obstacles and challenges throughout your journey, they are so very small in comparison to the strength, greatness, and truth I’ve placed within you and have already called you to pursue.

And in pursuit of these things I know you will encounter confusion. I know you will encounter delays and setbacks. I know you will make mistakes, even terrible blunders. But in spite of all these things do not lose heart. Do not look to your present circumstances as permanent or immovable, for the potential placed within you is so much greater than these minor afflictions.

So do not lose heart, My Dear. Do not worry, My Beloved. Do not dream small, for within you is the same greatness that raised my son from the dead. So embrace the dreams I have given you – the dreams within your heart, the dreams you feel but cannot understand, the dreams you cannot even articulate. Embrace the mystery I have given you, the mystery of all I’ve called you to pursue, possess and be, for within you there is greatness more glorious than you can imagine.

Accept and embrace my call upon your life to be the person I have designed you to be. Accept and embrace the roles and the goals I’ve assigned you to accomplish. Accept and embrace your talents and your calls, for I have given you these things and they are irrevocable. So though you are afraid, though you are confused, though you feel weak and inadequate accept and embrace all these things, along with the mystery they offer, for this is my will for your life and these are my plans for you, My Beloved.

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