My Plans Will Surely Be Accomplished

Neil Vermillion —  April 29, 2020 —  Comments

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Today I am bringing your vision into greater focus. I am streamlining your plans, events, interests, and even your relationships. I am trimming the fat, and reducing all that is not essential. I am bringing you into a place of refinement, and you will no longer continue to carry the excess that weighs you down. (1)

There are too many attachments that do not serve you or my plans for you. These attachments hinder, tire, and dilute you, so it is with these things in mind I will begin to cut them off. I will begin to remove them one by one, and they will fall away and be forgotten. They have stolen your strength for too long. They have clouded your vision for too long. They have brought confusion to your mind for too long. The time has come to remove them all, and it is with great gentleness I will remove them. (2)

Even though you will feel like you are drowning, as if your world has flooded within a storm without a compass, understand this sensation will pass. You will be temporarily disoriented, but you will readjust. You will fortify. You will conceive and understand. After you have adjusted you will no longer be weighed down with these things of your past that have encumbered you. You will be refined, sleek, and ready. (3)

Through it all you will know and understand all these things I have been my doing. You will know it is by my hand all this has come about. You will know I brought you to this place, and it was not your own strength, plan, or wisdom that set you free. In this realization of the works I have accomplished in you, you will be set free, for the burden of performance, even the performance of understanding it all, will be lifted from your shoulders. You will be free to pursue with confidence, knowing I will guide, restore, and liberate you with, or without, your knowledge, consent, or cooperation. For these are my plans, and they will surely be accomplished. (4)

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