My Power Will Shape Your Paradigm

Neil Vermillion —  July 10, 2018 —  Comments

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In the midst of your stress and turmoil, in the midst of your transition and imbalance, know I am with you, guiding you, but also empowering you. For I am present with you, not only in idea and sentiment, but also in deed and in power. So allow me to guide you, but also instruct and strengthen you when you are down and feeling hopeless, lost, and abandoned. My strength will be made available to you, and you will come to see the effect of our relationship beyond mere ideas, thoughts, and concepts. (1)

Walk with me in difficulties for you will discover how I will assist your understanding and interpretation. You will also discover how I will assist your power and capacity to respond. I am giving you strength where you did not perceive any strength within you. I am giving you endurance, though you did not feel you were able to persevere. Allow me to not only minister to your heart and mind, but also to your circumstances and your response, for I will open the doors of advancement no one can close, and will close the doors no one else will be able to open. I will do all this on your behalf and will encourage you, empower you, and strengthen you along the way. (2)

I will give you what you do not have, but also replenish that which has been depleted. You will experience my great love, but also my abundant provision. So do not avoid the difficulties of this day. Do not run away from the challenges set before you, but agree with me as I empower you to overcome them all. Agree with me and allow me to manifest my great power in your life. Allow me to show myself strong on your behalf, and to do so in not random or trivial demonstrations, but in meaningful and significant encounters, accomplishments, and manifestations. (3)

All of these things will serve you, not only to change your present circumstances, but also to change your heart as you think of me, relate to me, and follow and obey me. These power encounters will change your heart and your understanding of how I feel towards you, the way I will respond to you, and the way I will engage and interact with you. So understand all these things for my power is very real, but also very formative in shaping your paradigm of understanding who I am, what I will do, and how I will do it. (4)

(1) Matthew 28:20, Isaiah 41:10, Colossians 1:11
(2) Revelation 3:8, Isaiah 40:29-31
(3) Psalm 46:1-2, Psalm 62:8
(4) Romans 8:28, James 1:4

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