My Presence And My Process

Neil Vermillion —  December 30, 2016 — Leave a comment

As I sit with you I will also bathe you. As you sit with me I will lavish my goodness and my riches upon you. As we dwell together in cohabitation you will not remain the same, but will come to know the fullness of your transformation. For in your time of sitting you will be made aware of the wholeness afforded you already. You will not receive something new, but will be made aware of what you have already been given, that which you already possess.

For I have made a way for you since before the beginning of time. I have opened all the necessary doors of provision and opportunity before you. I have drawn you out of darkness and brought you into the marvelous light of my glory, yet I have done so without your awareness. So as you come to know me more and more, you will begin to also perceive details about me more and more. You will know and see and continue to observe me for who I am, and as you do, the details previously overlooked will become prominent. Things you ignored in the past will now be brought to your attention, understanding, and comprehension.

For it is truly finished. Even though the understanding of what this means is not quite clear, it has truly been finished. And when the light and weight of my presence continues to permeate your being, you will be gently molded, shaped, altered, and cooked, no longer remaining the same. For the heat and weight of my presence will transform you. The lightness of my presence will affect real, lasting change within you, and you will forget the trivial things that used to occupy your time.

As we cohabitate together you will become intoxicated on the wine of my joy. You will be saturated and baked in the glory of my presence, and will not remain the same. The joy you will experience will far surpass you capacity to express, communicate, or share with others. But as you continue to absorb the wave and heat of my joy from my presence you will most wonderfully, most definitely continue to change.

And all this change will come from no effort of your own. You will not participate in this with me, but rather you will simply receive and absorb what I have for you. You will not be required to labor, understand, strive, or contribute in any way, as you allow my presence, and my process, to take its full effect.

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