My Process Of Removal And Refinement

Neil Vermillion —  September 3, 2018 —  Comments

I am showing you how to interrupt what seems to be working in order to improve and innovate. I am showing you how to upset business as usual, not for the sake of trouble, or chaos, but for the sake of expanse, maturity, and increased development. I will hinder your desires and your plans at times in order to force you to move into a new direction. I will close one door, in order to force you to seek another. I will close one eye, so you will look in a different direction. In doing so you will surely encounter the things you need to encounter, you will learn the lessons you need to learn, and will meet the people you need to meet. (1)

So do not resist the redirection of my hand simply because you didn’t expect it, or because you don’t like it. Do not resist what you can perceive my breath upon, but embrace it and engage with it. Though you may be confused, and though you may not relish its manifestation, it will surely be good for you, and will surely serve you and bless you. Walk with courage and faith, not because you understand it fully, but because you recognize my voice.

Walk with boldness and strength, not because you are certain you are right, but because you are certain that I am. Walk in the direction I have for you, even though it will not always be the path of ease and comfort you would prefer. Walk in the direction I have laid before you knowing it will be good for you, and give you all you need, even though it may not give you what you want. (2)

Be mindful of my interruptions and do not attempt to hold on to the things I am removing. Be mindful of my activity and do not preserve that which I am breaking apart. Be mindful of what I am doing, what I am saying, and how you observe the timing of events continue to emerge. In doing so, you will stand in a place of not only safety, poised and ready to advance, but of wisdom, able to capitalize on the good soon to emerge, as you benefit from your willingness and obedience to follow me. (3)

At times it will look like chaos, like trouble, like destruction, but in the long term you will see I am removing rubbish, garbage, and debris. I am removing what needs to be removed, so do not be afraid as you see your constructs designed to give a false sense of security begin to fall and crumble away. Do not be afraid as you see lies fade away. Do not be afraid as you begin to see the reality of this day and are left with no glitz or glamour, but only the raw, essential materials. (4)

Do not be afraid, but know this is my hand at work and it is good. It is good for you in this moment, and it is good for you in your future too. It is good for your household and your community, and it is also good for society at large. So exercise you faith and courage, as you walk according to what I prescribe for you. Do not lean on your own understanding, but follow my guidance. Be willing to walk in to the fire, into the madness, into the chaos and the unknown for in these realms you will not die, but will thrive, innovate, and refine all you have, and all that remains. (5)

(1) Isaiah 43:19, Revelation 3:8
(2) 2 Timothy 1:12
(3) Job 1:21
(4) John 15:2
(5) Proverbs 3:5-6

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