My Refuge Is Greater Than Any Storm

Neil Vermillion —  July 26, 2019 —  Comments

I see how you are prone to discouragement. I see how things get to you, bother you, and rob you of your peace and joy. I see all these things and know of them all. Even though the winds of this world blow like a storm, and seemingly demolish your house, know my refuge for you is greater than any storm. Even though there will be difficulties and hardships, know there is also my refuge for you during these times. (1)

Not even a little bird will fall to the ground without me knowing. How much more valuable and precious are you to me than a bird? So why worry? Why concern yourself with the things of this world, or the things you cannot control? These things will serve only as a distraction from the task at hand. These things will serve only to rob you of the joy I give to you, and lead you to discouragement. (2)

In this world you will surely have trouble, but in times of trouble look past your present circumstances. In these difficulties there is a greater hope being worked within you. There is so much more within you than you fully realize right now. (3)

Open your ears, and I will fill them with wonderful delight. I will remind you of the greatness inside you. I will remind you of the hope you already have. I will reveal to you things yet to come, and I will give you vision for tomorrow. Open your heart and I will speak life to you. I will speak the truth that will help set you free. I will remind you of the things already promised to you, the very things trying to be stolen from you today. (4)

You do not have to wait for “some day” to happen to be able to abide in joy. You do not have to wait for your “breakthrough” in order to walk in victory in the areas of your life in which you struggle. The chaos and confusion before you is real, but it is not permanent. Just as those things are real, so is my power to set you free from their effects, allowing you to walk and abide in faith, but also order and clarity. My power to encourage you and to set you on a path of stability is greater than the storms, errors, or pitfalls you will ever encounter. (5)

The hidden things will confound you and confuse you if you try to focus on them for too long. But in the due course of time, all these good things will be revealed to you if you do not give up, and continue to the end. You will see it come to pass the days of your greatest fulfillment, for all the promises given you are for you to believe, enjoy, and possess. (6)

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