My Mysterious And Elusive Process

Neil Vermillion —  July 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

In this day and hour I am showing you how to manage your pace. I am revealing to you greater expressions of communion with me, and doing so through the environment of pressure and activity. In this pressure and activity of the day I am awakening the realization of our union together in new ways, for you are connected, and always will be connected. In this day I am revealing and awakening within you the realization of our connection through times of busyness, activity, and pressure.

In this management of your daily life, along with its pressures and responsibilities, I am giving you experience to practice and to manage the pace of your daily life, for there is still so much within you yet to be fully revealed. But in this moment I am giving you the opportunity to be able to manage all that is going on in your life, and to do so with excellence and with fellowship.

Understand, this is a mysterious and elusive process. Understand this is counter-intuitive to you in many ways. Understand there are paradoxes and apparent contradictions that are emerging within you, causing you to confront and re-examine core issues of your heart and the way you do things. But this is a good process, even though it may be confusing at times. This is a good process, giving you a wider reach of all that has been made available to you, and allowing you to grow in your capacity to not only hear with sensitivity, depth, and consistency, but also to acquire the mindset allowing you to realize your cohabitation and fellowship we share together regardless the situation, regardless the weather.

Even though you feel the pressures of the tasks, responsibilities, and challenges of the day, so also you will feel and experience my peace, protection, provision, joy, and friendship. In your daily walk you are progressing through all these things together with me, as I awaken your perspective, increase your awareness, and enhance your sensitivity allowing you to more acutely harmonize with what I am saying and doing, even in the midst of your confusion and busyness of the day.

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