A Mystery Still Waiting To Be Revealed

Neil Vermillion —  August 10, 2017 —  Comments

I will show you the path of simplicity, the path of righteous living, the path of true joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. I will show you the path, not merely as a concept for you to understand, but also as a way of life, as a person, as a relationship. For in me you will find all you have ever wanted, ever desired, all you would ever want or need. And with this knowledge you will not continue to seek a life, or way of living, apart from me, but will begin to curtail your expectations and approach, as you remove your presumptions, in order to discover all these things together with me, in me.

For it is my plan that you thrive, and are satisfied in every area of your life, in spite of difficulties, hardships, and paradoxes. It is my will that you experience the fullness of joy already made available to you, and to do so deeply and consistently.

I will take away your anger. I will erase your hurts from your past. I will eliminate the pain and sting of the injustices you have suffered, and will make your road straight, flat, and clear. And in doing so you will come to know my faithfulness as well as my generosity. You will come to know, not just my hand, but also my heart, for I will reveal myself to you continually, again and again through our relationship together as we endeavor forward in the growth, pursuit, and development of all that has been laid before you in this very moment.

And all we will explore and discover will be done together. All we will experience will be done together. All that will be conceived and achieved will be done together, through our relationship in all things – even what is yet to come, even what is a mystery still waiting to be revealed.

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