New Directions Giving Way To New Expressions

Neil Vermillion —  September 21, 2018 — Leave a comment

I am pushing you into new directions, not to cause you to be uncomfortable, but to develop new expressions from within you. The newness will be born, not by revelation or understanding of concept, but by experience and encounter. In this time of new directions, do not rely on your understanding, or consult with the memory of previous experiences, but rely on your intuition, your discernment, and your sensitivity to my spirit in this moment, for this present season. Allow me to guide you into new directions, which will give way to new experiences, which will give way to the new expressions I have for you. (1)

I am making you richer. I am making your more diverse in your color palette. I am not only widening your array of options, but also deepening it too. Do not be narrow in your field of consideration, but be open to new things. Be open to new directions and new experiences, even when they do not necessarily fit within your previously conceived grid of interpretation for what is relevant, or even plausible, for this day. The new things will not be familiar to you, and will look foreign, and will look as though they are irrelevant, but as you embrace these new directions and experiences you will surely not lose your way, but will enhance and deepen your arsenal of options as you add them to your quiver of choices.

With this in mind, allow the small, gentle, and subtle inspirations of my heart to inspire small changes. Some changes and some new things will be big in their initial expression and adjustment, but most of them will not. Most of them will be very small, very easy to miss, very easy to ignore or overlook. But though they are small, they will give way to significant increase in seasons yet to come. They will start as a small expression, but they will increase as they develop over time into something much bigger, much more significant. So also keep in mind the temporal value of these small inspirations, for what I am setting before you will not be especially helpful, useful, or relevant in the short term, but in the future. (2)

These new additions will be not be especially revolutionary in the here and now, but will prove to be more than valuable in years and decades to come. Keep this in mind, and do not allow yourself to become discouraged as you see little fruit initially. Do not become weary in your well doing, but continue to persevere as I adjust and guide you, for in doing so you will surely hit the mark as you learn, experience, and acquire all you need throughout your path of growth, development, and accomplishment. (3)

(1) Isaiah 43:19
(2) 1 Kings 19:11-13
(3) Galatians 6:9

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