New Discoveries In The Union Of Our Fellowship Together

Neil Vermillion —  November 17, 2015 —  Comments

So as you see yourself and think of yourself and consider who you are, what you are worth, and where you are going, also remember I love you with love that knows no bounds, has no limits, and is not based on human evaluation. But my love for you is never-ending, and is unwavering. With this understanding allow yourself to dismantle your performance-based thinking in which you process your value, and the value of others, based on accomplishments, achievements, and performance.

Allow yourself to enjoy the security of knowing I already love you, and nothing will ever change this. Allow yourself to discard the conditional acceptance of yourself, and others, and bask in the truth and reality that I have accepted you fully already, and nothing will ever change this.

And as you lay to rest this performance mindset, you will begin to thrive in new ways, with newer and greater dimensions of your heart growing and living in the love and security I have for you. And you will take on new directions. You will think new thoughts, feel new feelings, consider new possibilities. And all of these things will flow from the union you have in me as I continue to bring you to greater understanding of all that’s been give you already.

For there is so much potential within you. There is so much within you. And though my love for you is not based on your performance, there are certainly many adventures we will encounter together. There are certainly many ideas, concepts, people, and even regions we will explore and discover together. There are so many, many things we will certainly accomplish together as we continue to walk hand in hand, enjoying the union of our fellowship together.

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