New Freedom, New Dimensions, New Understanding

Neil Vermillion —  January 1, 2019 —  Comments

In the times of trouble and apparent endlessness of your situation, my lightness of being is available for you. Though it seems odd and even contradictory, I am there with you in the times of your greatest trouble and the times of your greatest struggles. And not only am I with you, but I have afforded you my great and overwhelming peace through it all. For there are times you want to run and hide rather than face your challenges – but I say to you, run! Run to meet your challenges, for surely I am with you in all things, even though you may not know it. Even though you may not perceive me whatsoever, I am right there with you in the middle of it all, right by your side offering you my support and my hand of peace. (1)

In the times of your greatest challenges, in the times when you experience the limits of what you can bear and endure, in these moments you will give birth to the newness I have in store for you. For just as labor produces pain, so also the heightened experience of your limits will give newness to you in your life, despite the temporary pain and discomfort you will experience in the short term.

Why would this be a surprise? Why is this not plain to see?

There are new areas within your heart and mind I desire to awaken within you. There are limits I desire to remove from you, as I awaken new areas of your heart and understanding. I will remove your limits to walk in these new dimensions, to experience new dimensions of my love, to understand new dimensions of my plans, to obey new dimensions of my ways, to worship in new dimensions of all I’ve given you. It will require a death to your former way of thinking, being, and doing. It will require death to your former way of feeling, and yes, even death to the former way of living. (2)

As you are willing to die to your limits, I will resurrect new life. As I resurrect new life, you will experience new dimensions of all I offer you. I will unveil the hidden potential you have deep within you. I will unveil meaning and understanding to what you already possess. I will give and inspire new hopes and new trajectories in what has already started. I will give brand new insights, allowing you to possess what was previously unreachable to you.

I will not prune you for no reason. I will not trim your branches in order to make you fruitless. No! Quite the opposite. I will prune you so you will be even more fruitful. I will put you on display so you can shine forth like the sun. I will prune you so your fruit will stand out above the crowd, and the glory and splendor of what I have made within you will be displayed. As a result people will see the goodness I’ve placed within you. They will look at you, but see my spirit, my heart, my ways, and my great bounty and fruitfulness. Their eyes will see and recognize the goodness of my plans, and will recognize the faithfulness I show to those who follow me faithfully. (3)

In the areas of your limits new life will begin to emerge. You will walk in new levels of freedom from the things you’ve died to. Things that once held you back, will be dead to you, and will no longer possess you. In the death of your former ways, you will be raised to walk in newness of life. Surely my resurrection power is within you, and upon you. Surely the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is within you. Surely I will raise your life higher than what you thought possible. (4)

In your new levels of freedom you will see more freely, but more clearly as well. You will hear more freely, but more accurately as well. You will understand more freely, and more completely as well. The blinders will be removed from your eyes. The hindrances from your past will no longer inhibit your spirit from being the person I have called you and created you to be.

I have liberated you already. I have set you free from the hindrances of the past, just as every loving father does for his children. I want to see you manifest this freedom in every area of your life. I want to see you walk in the fullness and knowledge of who I am, and all I have for you.

Even though you understand, there is greater understanding waiting for you. There is always more. There is always another new thing, idea, goal, or season for you. And this anticipation of all the newness I have for you will birth within your spirit, and you will see possess what you could not possess in the past, as you manifest the truth and freedom I’ve given you.

As you embody this new level of freedom, you will be blessed. Your freedom is a blessing. Your freedom is a blessing for yourself, but is also a blessing to those around you too. As you go about and spread and share your freedom to others, you will bless them for you will embody and demonstrate the very freedom their heart desires. (5)

Surely my light will be shown through you. Surely my joy will be known through you. Surely the fruits and gifts of my spirit will be displayed as you walk in greater freedom. So let your fragrance permeate your environment. Let your light shine brightly, so others may see, hear, feel, and know the God that loves them so deeply and so personally. (6)

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