New Perspectives Of Trials Of Your Past

Neil Vermillion —  January 9, 2019 —  Comments

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I am giving you joy for your sorrow. I am giving a new perspective to trials and failures of the past, illuminating lessons learned, and the value of things you have experienced. From this illumination you will expand in your capacity to experience joy. The new perspective I am giving you will give way to joy, not only as an observation but also as a bona fide experience as well. You will see my hand at work over the years in many of the dimension that have seemingly been operating to stifle you. (1)

The process is necessary; the trials you experience are also necessary; the lessons learned along your journey are necessary. Even though many are confusing in the short term, the experiences you encounter will serve you in the long term. As I continue to release new insights and understanding, you will see how important every step of your process has been. These insights and understanding will not only awaken your heart to greater joy, but greater gratitude as well.

You will see the hand of my instruction in your life over the years, and will recognize my love for you in the midst of all these difficult and painful lessons. Your heart will come alive with gratitude, knowing you have never been out of my sight, never out of my mind, never forgotten, but instead have always been directly in the center of my attention. As your new perspective continues to grow, surely you will see the beauty and the profound wisdom of obedience.

I can see deep within you the desire to obey. You have the desire to follow, to understand, and to walk in the fullness of everything I have in store for you. As your perspective grows, and your understanding of things of the past becomes more clear, you will see the wisdom of my ways, and of my timing. As a result, your heart will come alive with not only increased gratitude, but obedience as well. Obedience will be an aid to you, to enable you to follow more fully the ways and paths I have laid out before you. (2)

There is not only great wisdom in obedience, but also great safety too. As you continue to know me, my ways, and my timing, you will also increase in your capacity to appreciate the safety of my ways. My ways will help you, not harm you. My ways will cause you to increase, not decrease. My ways will cause you to flourish, not to die. You will thrive and experience all I have for you as you are faithful to all my ways, and continue to follow my timing and my guidance. Surely I will assist you along the way. (3)

I have given you my spirit to help you hear me, understand me, and know what I am saying to you in this hour. For I do not want you to walk around blindly, or to be unaware of the day in which you live. It is my desire for you to walk in understanding and revelation so you can be confident of all you are doing, but also care free, knowing, seeing, and understanding my plans for you, my dearly beloved. (4)

You are the jewel of my eye. You are the object of my affection. You are the one that causes my heart to skip beats. With just one glance my way, you cause my heart to soar. So yes, I will do the very best for you. Yes, I will send you the greatest of blessings as you continue to follow and obey. Yes, I will bring the good things you deserve, from the abundance of my loving affections. I have seen your labor and your toil, and surely I will reward you in due season. You will reap a great harvest, if you do not give up. (5)

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