New Realms Of Revelation, Interpretation, And Application

Neil Vermillion —  August 19, 2015 —  Comments

And in your time of thinking and listening, be aware I am opening up new understanding to you. For in this time I will speak to you about things of old. I will cause you to recall ideas, and issues, and memories from your past and we will revisit them together. And I will speak to you and I will give you insights and understanding. And these things of the past will begin to make more sense to you and you will see them differently, though you are familiar with them already.

For I have given you answers to questions of old. I have given you understanding to be able to reach solutions to problems and obstacles and challenges of your past. For these things have held you back, they have limited you, and now is the time for you to advance past them, to move forward and to overcome these limits. For today is the day in which I desire to move you forward, moving you past the limits of yesterday so you can embrace what I have in store for you in the future.

For surely I am not only granting insights to things of old, but to new things as well. As you encounter new challenges, new obstacles, as you continue to advance forward in your new territory, I will also speak to you clearly and show you the path I have marked out for you. I will guide you and speak to you and show you clearly, and with great detail and precision, what you should do.

I will give you new ideas, and new understanding. But I will also give a fresh approach to that which you’ve never encountered before. You will enter into a new realm, a new level of revelation if you will remain open to me. I am bringing you past yesterday, for you are entering into that new season of not only harvest, but continual revelation as well.

And as you sit before me, I will not only open up revelation, but also the interpretation and application as well. I will give you these three pillars you need in order to truly absorb what I am bringing to you.

So as you continue to sit before me, expect I will also give you the interpretation you so desperately need for the revelation given you. I will make it clear to you, and you will understand it and grasp it. But also I will grant you the application as well. I will show you how to implement the meaning of what I’ve shown you, so you will not be left holding the bag, unable to to action. But I will show you in practical ways how to follow, how to obey, how to implement my instructions. I will not lead you to the water without letting you drink!

So understand, My Dearly Loved Ones, this is such an exciting time for you if you will respond. For I will speak to you and reveal to you as you continue to follow me. As you obey me, you will see all these things open up before you, and you will enter into that territory your heart has desired for so many, many years.

And in this place of occupation you will truly begin to thrive in your calling, thrive in your destiny, thrive as you embody and possess my divine purpose planted within you.

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