New Release of Creativity

Neil Vermillion —  November 14, 2018 —  Comments

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In days past there have been many who have looked at themselves and labeled themselves as “uncreative”. But I am moving in new ways, and surely I am releasing new levels of creativity for those willing to cooperate with me. The development of the call upon your life, the work you will do, and the tasks at hand will still require your effort and cooperation. It will still require work, but I will be there for you, guiding you, strengthening you, and encouraging you along the way. As you are faithful in stewarding your gifts I will surely multiply them and continue to do so. (1)

It is my desire to be known, and to impart creative outlets, creative strategies, and creative arts, demonstrations, and messages of my nature. Even in music, movies, dance, and visual arts I have released, and am activating, new passions and new possibilities among my children. I have fashioned you in such a way to enable you to excel and achieve. I have fashioned you to be skilled and competent to be able to occupy places of prominence, some will even to see the spotlight cast upon them. Surely I have purposed this within them, for I have given them prominence so I will have prominence. (2)

I have given them a voice that will be heard, so I will have a voice that will be heard. I have called them to greatness, so as to display my greatness through them. They will be my hands, my feet, my eyes, and my voice in positions that matter and make a difference. (3)

Or do you think places of prominence, greatness, government, and leadership are reserved only for the wicked?

It is my plan and desire to reveal myself to those who would not want to listen. It is my desire to rescue all, even those who do not know me yet, even those who do not know they need to be rescued. In this day and in this hour, I will use many new resources, new channels, and new technologies to touch hearts and to reach people and to call them to an understanding of their destiny and their union together with me in spirit. (4)

And these new ways will speak intangibly and it will draw them into a recognition of me. It is surely a beautiful time for many to flourish, and to do so with the new ideas, media, and opportunities I am giving and making available. This will be a new day of ministering to people. There will be new and innovative ways to speak my message, to share my heart, and spread the good news of my son. The ways of old will still be available, but know today I am doing new things, in creative ways that will surprise, overturn, and even offend old mindsets.

Break out of the old, and enter into the new. The day of new beginning is available to you, and available to all who are willing to receive and cooperate with me. (5)

(1) Luke 12:48, Matthew 13:12
(2) Ephesians 4:11-12
(3) 1 Corinthians 12:12-20
(4) John 12:32, John 6:44
(5) 2 Peter 3:9, Isaiah 43:19

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