New Strength To Persevere Towards The Harvest

Neil Vermillion —  July 19, 2018 — Leave a comment

The strength developed over the years will begin to emerge in new expressions, but will also begin to emerge in new plans and desires. As this emergence continues you will begin to think differently than you have in the past. This seemingly new found strength will inspire new actions and behaviors as it continues to develop and continues to inspire new thoughts and expressions.

Understand this strength is a result of the process I have previously initiated in your life to bring you to this very moment. This is the move of my hand to shape the way you see yourself and thus, shape your behavior.

While this may sound dramatic, it is actually a gradual but consistent manifestation of the results of the process in your life. The experiences you have accumulated have all been significant and have served their purpose. All you have known has had its intended effect, and will logically produce its intended outcome. So be mindful as you reflect on these days, but also be mindful in your contemplation and consideration of your future. For the manifestation of today will also give way to hints, clues, and foreshadows of what is also yet to come.

Today is a result of yesterday, but is simultaneously setting the stage for what is still yet to come. So take a moment to assess yourself, and the way you perceive yourself. Take a moment to see your strengths, and well as the areas of growth. Take a moment and allow me to guide you and inspire you, for as you do I will surely inspire new directions and new responses.

The new strength combined with the new responses and expressions will encourage you, for you will compare it against the failures of the past. Your new found strength will be quite welcome, but also quite rewarding for you. There is great value in assessing of where you have come from, in contrast against where you are, but also contrasting it against where you are going.

So understand, this process of assessment and comparison will fuel you in many ways. These revelations will inspire your heart in a prolonged manner, for as you see the harvest in your fields you will see and experience the rewards of your faithfulness. So do not let your heart become troubled, but allow me to guide you in the proper direction, at the proper time, knowing it will produce a harvest if you do not give up. (1)

(1) Galatians 6:9, John 14:1

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