There Is No Accusation Towards You

Neil Vermillion —  August 24, 2017 —  Comments

Take inventory of your heart right now and ask yourself how you feel. For there are issues, cares and concerns, and fears and uncertainties alive and active within you. There are also hopes, dreams, beliefs, and intentions of your heart that are good, and right, and healthy as well. There are issues and feeling and ideas all competing together in a general mix, yielding confusion, discrepancy, and noise. So take inventory of all these issues and concerns of your heart this very moment, and allow me to speak to you, and guide you (1).

I will bring closure to you, for you. I will help you navigate through the noise and clutter of it all, and bring you to a place of perspective and understanding (2). I will highlight what is influencing and inspiring you, and will also give you solutions to understand and deal with it too. My counsel will give way to discernment of your heart, so you will not behave according to self-deception, or misunderstanding, but will function from liberation, clarity, and accuracy (3).

I know you desire to know me, and to do my will. I know you do not want to rebel against me, or disobey what I have for your life. But I also know the concerns in your heart are not always so simple to dissect and understand. I know there are complexities that bring about confusion. There are differences and inconsistencies that leave you with more questions than answers – and even the answers themselves seem vague and incomplete.

Allow me to guide you in your examination. Let my spirit speak to you, and guide you (4). Let my truth comfort and correct you. Let my presence remind you of your value and worth, because I know it’s so easy to feel like a failure, as though you have totally and completely blundered in too big of a way for me to ever love, or accept you again. I know it is easy to feel these feelings of shame and disappointment, but let me assure you this is not how I feel about you (5).

My love for you will never fade, will never diminish. My plans for your life are the same today as they were yesterday (6). My loving affections and closeness to your heart has never wavered, nor changed whatsoever. Even though you may experience these thoughts and emotions at times, know I love you, know I am proud of you, know I am not ashamed of you in any way, and that you are totally and completely forgiven for all things (7).

Do not listen to the voice of accusation, either from yourself, from those you know, or from anyone else. For I have removed your sins as far as the East is from the West, and I remember them no more (8). I have redeemed you and set you free, and now I see no blemish or accusation within you, or towards you.

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