No Need For Fear Or Concern If You Do Not Fully Understand

Neil Vermillion —  January 15, 2016 —  Comments

And even still, understand if you are hesitant, there is no mistake so great I cannot redeem it. For my heart for you is overflowing with kindness, patience, and compassion. And in your confusion, bewilderment, and even your rebellion, I have already made provision to restore all that has been lost and broken. It is my heart to rescue and redeem, so do not fear mistakes. Do not fear confusion. Do not fear missing your Big Moment.

For I will guide you to many still waters time and time again. And even in the days you do not do your part, either knowingly or unknowingly, I will still lead you to these still waters and yes, even to the many green pastures as well.

So be kind with yourself. Love and accept yourself where you are. Do not be hard with yourself, or with others. For I am leading you and guiding you. And I will make a way for those who do not understand. I will make provision for those too weak. I have already made provision for all. For all have been invited to the great Wedding Feast – to not only attend but to participate too. All have been invited and all are welcome.

So do not concern yourself in this day if it seems as those around about you are moving rapidly but you feel lost. Do not concern yourself if it is all sweeping by and you seem to have no understanding or perspective. Do not be worried. If you feel lost and confused, do not let your heart be troubled, for I will remain with you even still. And you will taste and see and experience my goodness.

But in these present days I am giving layer upon layer of understanding to you. I am taking you from where you have come and expanding it, increasing it. I am taking all the times of your loss and repurposing them for your benefit. And you will come to a point of understanding and you will see the wisdom of my timing in all things. And though these experiences of the past will be familiar (for you will not always be entering new ground, but at times will also continue to occupy where you are) there will be new insights and new details and new understanding given you, even from where you are this very minute.

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