I Have Given Myself To You

Neil Vermillion —  August 15, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to walk forward, advancing in the call upon your life, meeting your challenges as you press forward, you will discover your victory again and again. For many things there are perceived difficulties. There are challenges and obstacles that seem impossible and insurmountable. But as you continue to advance you will discover you have been equipped already and your greatest obstacles will be overcome.

For today is a day to break past limits of yesterday. Today is a day to renew your courage and renew your hope. Today is a day to endeavor once again, but to do so with anticipation and expectancy in your heart. For today is a new day, bringing new hope, vision, and opportunity. So do not look to yesterday’s manna. Do not look to yesterday’s results. Do not follow yesterday’s mindsets. For I have already given you all you will ever need, and even more, and will continually do so, day after day.

So continue to advance forward without holding back. Continue to take action and do not hesitate. Continue to dream and believe and hope, for in doing so your heart will remain alive and active, as your heart is comforted, renewed, and restored in the presence of my hope. And hope will not disappoint you for I have poured out my love upon you into your heart, by my spirit which I’ve already given you.

So continue to walk in your present territory of today, being mindful of all that is presented to you. Be alert, be awake, be concerned, be sharp and diligent. But also be aware of where you are going and the direction in which you are heading. For I will continue to guide you, and renew you, day after day. And no one will snatch you from my hand, for you have been given to me, just as I have given myself to you.

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