No One Will Take You Away From Me

Neil Vermillion —  August 15, 2017 —  Comments

And this day understand I have set you in motion in a specific direction, and always have(1). I know at times you feel as though you have derailed my plans. You feel as though I somehow lost control along the way, and now it is up to you to get yourself back on track, as though it is your responsibility to make your own way. But let me assure you, there are no surprises with me.(2) Let me assure you I am greater than your diversion, or your capacity to sabotage my plans for your life.

My plans for your life include the possibilities you have not even considered yourself, the countless and near-limitless possibilities and variations of decisions and consequences that could be chosen, spawned, or initiated. Understand there is no place in all creation, no place anywhere, or any time, in which you could ever escape my presence, my knowledge, my love, or my will for your life(3). And with this truth let my overwhelmingly great love assure you(4), for in this truth you can rest(5). You can rest that I have taken care of everything already. You can rest that I have allotted for all your mistakes along the way. You can rest I have corrected and redeemed all things, including the things that seem impossible or unredeemable.

For all these things have been taken care of even before the foundations of the Earth were laid(6). I am the Alpha and also the Omega. I am the Beginning, and the End(7). I am The One Who Sits On The Throne(8), the one governing, guiding, creating, and redeeming all things – including your deviations, mistakes, rebellion, and disobedience(9).

So rest in this assurance, and do not carry the burden of performance or self-salvation any longer. For I am the one who has set you in motion, and I am also the one who will keep you in motion. I will keep you, for none that have been given to me will be plucked from my hand(10). Rest in this assurance, having no fear that you will be lost, in spite of the temporary setbacks and paradoxes you may be presently experiencing, for no one and no thing is greater than me, or able to take you away from me.(11)

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