None Of This Is For Nothing

Neil Vermillion —  November 30, 2017 — Leave a comment

In days passed, you have experienced loss and reduction as a result of pruning. Even though this experience is unpleasant and even bewildering, it is a good process causing you to be more fruitful. But today is not like days passed, for you are experiencing expanse, and doing so as a result of the previous years of pruning. In this day you are expanding and increasing. You are acquiring more than you can hold and contain. You are advancing forward and accumulating momentum. (1)

There have been many days in which it seemed you were going nowhere. There were many days in which it seemed my hand was against you for no reason except to stop you. There have been many experiences in which the pressure felt too heavy, the progress seemed too slow, and the price seemed too costly. Remember these days and appreciate them, but do not project these experiences and memories on to your present day experience. The timelines of Yesterday are not the timelines of Today. The process may be the same, but the results and manifestations are not. (2)

Do not worry about changes you are experiencing. Do not attempt to control the tides of the ocean. The tides will rise, and they will fall, and there is nothing you can do to accelerate it, to stop it, or to increase it. Rest in the calmness and peace afforded you by the union of my spirit. Do not toil over the things you cannot control. Do not avoid your necessary growth in your quest to find comfort, but understand there will be days and seasons in which you will advance, just like there will be days and seasons in which you seem to regress. (3)

There will be a different pace for different days, so remain watchful and alert. Do not fall into the pitfall of apathy or hopelessness, but understand I am with you in all things, and all these things are working for your good. And though the road seems long and pointless, know every little detail matters. Every single lesson you learn is valuable and intentional. Every person you encounter is valuable and worthwhile. Every move of your heart, and tear that is shed is recorded. None of it goes to waste. None of if it worthless. None of it is for nothing. (4)

(1) John 15:1-8 (2) Isaiah 43:18-19 (3) Luke 12:25-31, Matthew 6:27 (4) Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Romans 8:28

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