Not A Time To Fear Mistakes

Neil Vermillion —  November 9, 2018 —  Comments

I am moving upon your hearts to launch out and to begin to take bold steps and to be willing to partake in big risks with me. Now is not a time to fear your mistakes. Now is not a time or season to be continually planning, drawing, or scheming. Now is a time to launch forward knowing I am with you in all these things. In all the things I’ve put before you as your heart’s desire, and as your mind’s vision, I am standing with you to guide you, empower you, and to open new doors of opportunity before you. (1)

Surely this will also require you to abandon things of old. It will require you to forget about plans that even now are in full display before your mind’s eyes. I have released a new spark along with a new set of priorities according to my timetable and according to all I have in store for you, my Beloved. So as you have made your plans, know and trust some of these plans will need to be adjusted. Keep your ears close to me, and trust I will lead you in the right direction at the right time. This is not a time to fear you mistakes, nor relive memories of failures of the past. (2)

For surely I am greater than your mistakes. Surely I am greater than the failures of your past. Now is a time to examine those failures and see them as seeds of learning, and as necessary seeds of future success. Do not continue to fear your mistakes, for I am a master at redeeming your failures, and renewing your past. I am a master at restoring your loss and turning things around – even to the point of giving you favor in areas where you have previously received scorn. (3)

I will turn things around for you, as you continue to walk by faith, trusting in me and not leaning on to your own understanding. Simply follow my voice, for I will guide you and will continue to open new doors of relationships and opportunities for you to accomplish all I have for you. Now is not a time to fear your mistakes, but is a time to see them as small in comparison to the great things before you as you follow and obey all I have for you. (4)

(1) Ephesians 5:15–17, Matthew 14:31
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(3) John 12:24, Romans 8:28
(4) Proverbs 3:5-6, John 10:5, Ephesians 3:20-21

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